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Job Profiler Assessment

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A quick and effective online assessment specifically designed for measuring competence
Job Profiler Assessment
Job Profiler Assessment
About Job Profiler Assessment:
The Tremendis Job Profiler Assessment is a series of questions that identify the primary and secondary behaviours a job incumbent typically needs to be competent in the role. By identifying the behaviours of a job it becomes possible for recruiters and managers to find suitable candidates for the position. This assessment is custom in the sense that it is altered for each position of an organisation. Tremendis learning will set up each assessment for each job supplied. The setup fee is once off and per job.
At a Glance
Target Group: Human Resources Management, Leadership and Management teams as well as HR consultants. Total Questions: 24 Location: National (Head Office - Gauteng) Objectives Assessed: Aligning Performance for Success
Work Standards
Technical / Professional Knowledge
Quality Orientation
Planning and Organizing
Assessment Nature: Online (Paper-Based Optional) Location: Assessments can be done on-site or at our premises depending on level of moderation required.
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