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Job Profiling Support

Job Profiling Support
Job Profiling Support
About Job Profiling Support:
Profiling a job can be a tedious and lengthy process. Over and above the time it takes it also requires a substantial amount of tenacity and attention to detail. A good Human Resources system starts with a well written job description and in order to write effective job descriptions it is required that jobs are profiled correctly. Very few organisations take time to effectively profile a job and thus all tasks are basically distributed according to skill, availability and interest. In simple terms, a job is created because there is a need and someone happens to like it, or is good at it. The danger with such approach is that jobs that are not profiled according to behaviour and traits could potentially create skill gaps, and areas of incompetence. Ideally an effective job is profiled against the absolute closest match to a behaviour that could successfully fill its role and be competent at its tasks. The Tremendis Job Profiling Programme ensures that jobs are profiled to the extend that it closely matches the potential and skill that the industry offers.
At a Glance
Name: Job Profiling Support Location: Gauteng, National Methodology: The first step in Profiling a job is giving it a behavioural trait (Personality). It includes looking at typical skill required to be competent in the job. This first step will result in creating the primary drivers of the job, meaning that this typically includes about 80% of the total job duties.

Secondly we look at secondary skill, knowing that typical workers of this job would slightly underperform, or could become frustrated by doing these tasks. They typically fill around the additional 20% of the total job tasks and are tasks that cannot be moved to another role.

Lastly we will explore the tasks and duties that are in complete antithesis to the behaviour or personality of the job. By keeping these duties in the job will potentially result in staff being demotivated, frustrated and functioning incompetently. The action here will be to move and restructure these duties to other jobs.

When a job has been successfully profiled Tremendis will then rewrite the job description to suit skill that typically is available in the industry. The outcome of profiling jobs is that people will achieve more and be more content in their role.
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