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Job Profiler Training

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Job Profiler Training
Job Profiler Training
About Job Profiler Training:
A well profiled job means that workers do what they are good at. When workers are faced with additional and incompatible tasks, they often become despondent, negative and project incompetence in their job. This is greatly elminated when jobs are profiled correctly. The Tremendis Learning Job Profiling training is a 1-day programme that aims to skill learners in effectively profiling a job using behaviour and industry skill traits. The programme will give learners a deeper insight into how to structure jobs in departments so that workers can focus on their strengths instead of doing tasks that they are not naturally strong in. It also looks at behavioural traits and personalities in various functions. By the end of this programme learners will competently profile and structure jobs according to what the industry in skill offers.
At a Glance
Certification: Tremendis Job Profiler Certification Location: Gauteng, National Duration: 1 Day (7 Hours) Time: 09:00 - 16:00 Conferencing: Included Target Group: Human Resources staff and managers wishing to obtain the skill to effectively profile a job. Pre-Assessment: None Minimum Experience: At least 1 year experience in a leadership or human resources role. Minimum Education: Grade 12 or equivalent Competencies: Aligning Performance for Success
Applied Learning
Information Monitoring
Work Standards
Decision Making
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Training Objectives: Click to view Job Profiler Training Objectives
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